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About Us


After 20 years practicing dentistry, the team at Your Scottsdale Dentist has learned a few things about making your trip to the dentist be a pleasant experience. 


There have been some great advances in the field of dentistry in the last 20 years. Today we use these state of the art techniques and technologies to ensure you have healthy gums and a beautiful smile.  Our biggest compliment is hearing the stories people tell about the compliment they get from a teeth whitening procedure or similar service.


Our staff is fully trained and here to please.  We believe in proper preventative care and maintenance of your teeth and gums.  That's why we take the time to educate you about your options, the implications of your decision, and of course, we will teach you proper home care for your teeth.


Most of all, we look forward to serving our clients.  To us, you are more than a number, or even a customer.  At Your Scottsdale Dentist, we treat you like we treat our own family.  Call us today to schedule your initial visit -